diviac Premium

For the dive enthusiasts who want the best of diviac!

Includes all the features from our free plan, plus...

  • direct dive computer data upload

    PC/laptop dive computer connectivity

    Direct data upload from your dive computer to diviac

    Your dive computer captures so much rich data about your dives... it would be a shame not to log it with your dives. That's why we created our Diviac Dive Computer Connector (DDCC), which allows you to connect your dive computer directly to diviac to upload all your data.

    The DDCC is available for Mac and Windows and more than 50 dive computer models are supported. See full list.

  • Android dive computer connectivity with DiveMate USB

    Android dive computer connectivity

    Dive computer => DiveMate USB app => diviac

    We have partnered with ConfiTek, the makers of DiveMate USB, an Android scuba logbook app that allows its users to directly connect their dive computer with any Android device (phone or tablet) and import all the data into the logbook. Diviac members have the possibility to directly upload their DiveMate logs, including all the dive computer data, to their diviac account.

    DiveMate USB on Google play

  • box

    Custom log templates

    Save time with pre-filled templates

    With diviac's customization features, you can create pre-filled log templates. Create one for each equipment combination (cold-water, warm water...) or one for each local dive site that you dive regularly and save time logging your next dives

    What diviac also let's you do, is choose which fields you want to see. Not interested in weather conditions or clearly don't want to see pressure groups since you have a dive computer? No problem, just un-tick those fields and they are gone!

  • scuba logbook analytics

    Powerfull reporting capabilities

    View beautiful dashboards or create custom reports

    Our standard dashboard includes useful statistics, nice graphs and helpful tools to help you track & analyze your dive history.

    Standard dashboards and reports are never enough for you? No worries, with the custom reporting tool, you can slice and dice your data until your arm goes numb. Ok...and if that's still not powerful enough, you can always export it as well.

  • dive log cloud storage

    1GB of photo storage

    Bring your logbook alive with photos of your dive trips

    Whether it is your stunning underwater photos or a few snapshots of the dive boat, the dive guide or simply the local scenery, your pictures will bring your logbook to life and make it a fantastic journal of your dive adventures.

  • Priority Support

    Priority support

    Get the attention you deserve

    Despite our best efforts to make diviac flawless, perfection is unfortunately very hard to reach. So for those rare moments where you might need support, you will be top of our list, because you are a true dive enthusiast!

  • Plans comparison

    Plan features Free Premium
    Dive computer connectivity
    Customization & time saving (with pre-fillable log templates)
    Reporting (dashboard, weight calculator...)
    Personal fish sightings tracker
    Priority support
    1GB Photo storage (instead of 100MB)
    Marine life database with 14'000 species
    Dive trip planner with 9'000 dive operators worlwide
    Log copying between divers
    Digital log validation
    Social sharing with FB, G+ and Twitter
    Interactive views of your dive history
    Unlimited logs
    Optimized for all devices (laptop, tablet & mobile*)
    24/7 on/off-line access to your logbook