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photo by Sami Abdelmalik
  • global community of scuba divers

    Get more customers

    Diviac kicks-off a virtuous cycle for you

    By simply reselling diviac and providing some valuable content on your diviac dive operator page (e.g. maps of dive sites, list of the marine life most regularly sighted on your dives), you will rapidly grow your presence in diviac.

    As more and more members dive with you, your brand exposure will grow and you will accumulate more and more reviews and ratings. This will make it easier for divers to find you (through their friends logs, our top 10 lists or location searches), which in turn will bring many new diviac divers to your operation.

  • commision for active partners

    Increase your profit with diviac

    Become a diviac Partner, it's free and there's no commitment and no fine print. Simply register and earn a commission for every customer that you sign-up to diviac and that upgrades to a Premium plan.

    It doesn't get any easier either... just promote diviac to your customers or include it as part of your course package, create an account for them and help them log their first dives.

  • a great dive center page will boost your marketing

    Market yourself with your own dive center page

    Claim your page, explain who you are, what you offer, display your logo, share photos, post some testimonials...

    Having a rich information page allows divers who are researching a location to learn more about you and contact you.

  • your own branded scuba logbook

    Build your brand - market your “own” scuba logbook

    As a diviac partner you will be marketing your very own co-branded version of diviac.

    You don't even have to do anything. Customers who you registered to diviac will get your version of the diviac logbook, which includes your logo on all the pages... Leave your mark and be present in their lives forever!

  • diviac enables customer engagement

    Engage with your scuba diving customers

    All diviac members that you registered will also automatically be connected to your diviac page allowing you to engage in regular communication with them.

    Share recent news, photos or promotional offers for returning diviac divers... the possibilities are endless.

    * Please note that diviac enforces a strict no-spam policy and offending members will be bared from the platform.

  • differentiated dive courses with diviac

    Differentiate your dive course offering with diviac

    Including diviac in your instruction is not only an easy way to make some additional revenue, it's also beeing innovative, and showing that you are on the pulse of technology.

    Younger divers will love the cloud-based service and all the social media connections... we guarantee it

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  • rocket

    Sign up & claim your page

    • Sign up with an individual account (diver or instructor)
    • Find your company in our Places section (or with the search bar)
    • Claim the page (using the button on the page)
  • brand

    Market yourself with great content

    • Get your contact details right, especially your GPS coordinates
    • List your agency affiliation, services and languages
    • Add beautiful photos and videos*
    • Add maps of your dive sites*
    • Create your own fishcard*

    *Divers can directly copy this into their log

  • partner

    Become a partner and register divers

    • Complete the Partner wizard in your company’s profile & settings page (it’s free, there’s no risk and no commitment)
    • Register all your divers to diviac (it’s free for them too… so why not?)

    Your immediate benefits:

    • They get your logo on their logbook
    • They become followers of your page in diviac
  • world

    Encourage them to log & write a review

    • Your logo appears in the logs of all the divers, who have dived with you
    • Every review helps you build your reputation and increase your attractiveness

    You benefits:

    • Increased reputation, visibility and attractiveness
  • money

    Engage with your followers and get more business

    • Share interesting news about your dive operation
    • Publish special offers (discounted equipment, low season promotion…)
    • Present you next dive safari, etc.

    You benefits:

    • get more business!