Dive computers

Diviac has direct data upload capabilities for the following dive computers

  • Aeris
    • A300 AI, Atmos 2, Atmos AI, Atmos AI 2, Atmos Elite
    • Compumask, Elite T3, Epic, Manta, XR2
  • Cressi
    • Giotto
    • Leonardo
  • Genesis
    • React Pro
  • Heinrichs Weikamp(Seiko)
    • OSTC, OSTC Mk.2 and OSTC 2N
    • Frog
  • Hollis
    • DG01, DG02, DG03
  • Mares
    • Nemo, Nemo Excel, Nemo Apneist, ...
    • Puck, Puck Air, Nemo Air, Nemo Wide, ...
    • Darwin, Darwin Air, M1, M2, Airlab
    • Icon HD, Icon HD Net Ready, Nemo Wide 2
    • Matrix
  • Oceanic
    • VT Pro, VT3, VT4, VT 4.1, Versa Pro, Pro Plus 2, Pro Plus 2.1, Pro Plus 3
    • Veo 180Nx, Veo 200, Veo 250, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0
    • Atom 2.0, Atom 3.0, Atom 3.1, Geo, Geo 2.0
    • Datamask
  • Reefnet
    • Sensus
    • Sensus Pro
    • Sensus Ultra
  • Sherwood Reseach
    • Wisdom, Wisdom 2, Wisdom 3
    • Amphos, Insight
  • Shearwater Scuba
    • Predator, Petrel
  • Scubapro / Uwatec
    • Aladin
    • Memomouse
    • Smart and Galileo (infrared)
  • Suunto
    • Solution
    • Eon, Solution Alpha and Solution Nitrox/Vario
    • Vyper, Cobra, Vytec, Vytec DS, D3, Spyder, Gekko, Mosquito, Stinger and Zoop
    • Vyper2, Cobra2, Cobra3, Vyper Air and HelO2
    • D9, D6, D4, D9tx, D6i and D4i
  • Tusa
    • IQ-900 (Zen), IQ-950 (Zen Air), IQ-750 (Element II),
  • Zeagle
    • N2iTiON3

In order to directly upload your dives from any of those dive computers to your diviac cloud-based logbook, all you have to do is download our DDCC tool for Windows or Mac (you'll need to sign up first and go to the "add new dive screen"), install it and you're ready to go.

USB Drivers

If you haven't installed the log software from your dive computer manufacturer on your computer beforehand, you'll probably need to instal a USB driver so that your computer can recognize your device. Why? In the past, manufacturers provided a serial (RS-232) interface to download data from their dive computers. Nowadays, recent systems do not have serial ports anymore, and almost all manufacturers have switched to USB interfaces. In contrast to the legacy serial interfaces, these cables require a driver to operate.

Here are the links to the drivers your need for each of the supported devices: