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  • Why log? Why diviac?

  • custom log templates

    Save time

    Log your dives in 30 seconds or less

    With diviac, you can create a log template for each site that you regularly visit, pre-fill all the relevant data and then, after every trip, only enter the details that are specific to that dive.

    You can also create training-course specific log templates that will save you having to type all the training exercises in your log every time.

  • dive pro, dive instructor

    Be a hero

    Copy your dive logs into your students' logbooks

    With diviac’s validate & copy function, you have the possibility to copy your logs directly into your students’ logbooks, complete with all relevant data. Your divers will love it and you won’t have to spell the name of each dive site five times, every time.

  • diviac commission scheme

    Make some money

    Diviac rewards its ambassadors

    Making a buck with diviac is as easy as it gets: every time you share your logs with non-registered divers, diviac automatically creates a free account for them. If they upgrade to a Premium plan within 30 days you receive a nice commission.

  • global community of scuba divers

    Stay in touch with students

    Diviac is a social network just for scuba divers

    With diviac you can connect with any diver on the platform, and then stay in touch either through private messages, news posts or simply by following their actions through your Activity Feed.

  • ninja scuba diver

    Comply with agency needs

    With diviac you have course and student specific log fields

    Diviac includes specific log fields for dive Pros, which allows you to record course module details, as well as student specific information in your log.

    If you digitally share your logs with your students in diviac, they will have all this information in their logbook as well, ensuring they keep a record of the skills they completed on their training dives

  • diviac is free for dive instructors

    Free premium membership, forever

    Your endorsement is all we want

    Why? As a dive instructor, if you adopt diviac as your logbook, we couldn't think of a better ambassador!

    If your also have a scuba operation (dive shop, center, resort or liveaboard), check out our dive center page

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